Gecko Crag


Start at Echo Valley Camp. From here, follow the path behind the camp, past the wind pump down the valley (left) until you reach a sign for Gecko Crag pointing (right) up the rocky ridge. Follow the ridge (path and cairns) for a while till it veers left almost at the crest. Drop down along the side of the crag and approach the crag from the west on a final climb along the path until the crag appears on the right.

17. Limabean *** 14/4c [8B,C] K. Pietersen 2004
18. Butterfinger *** 15/5a [7B,C] C. Bruton 2004
19. 5 Finger Exploding Heart Technique *** 21/6b+ [9B,C] C. Bruton 2004
20. Cruizing in my Cruiser *** 17/5c [8B,C] E. Pietersen 2004
21. Jonny’s Crack *** 16/5b [6B,C] R. Slater 2004
22. Rolling Rocks *** 18/6a [7B,C] R. Slater 2004


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